By Zoe Thompson

London: 17th April 2015

Those who have grown up playing a sport or having a ‘sports-crazed’ parent know how important and useful being involved in athletics is in life. Those who have had a more sedated lifestyle, however, could learn from sports devotees and maybe adopt a sport or two to not only keep fit, but to learn other life skills.

However, taking an interest in sports means that you have to get up and be physical, NOT just sitting and watching people enjoy themselves whilst doing their sports. Sports can help you learn a number of things about life including how your body works.

[pull_quote_right] Taking an interest in sports means that you have to get up and be physical [/pull_quote_right]

Moreover it is very important that you should do a sport of your interest; not one that is very popular or because it looks most impressive. Preferably, a team sport or one that seems to relate or you know that you will do best in. Sports such as basketball, swimming, badminton, baseball and many more involve teamwork, which may help shape ‘a new you’.

So let’s see how sports can help you partake in a new life. How can it change it?

Healthy Lifestyle

Sports are not only useful for helping to keep you fit it is also very self-rewarding. Especially for children, it encourages a healthy lifestyle and teaches them the importance of fitness. With today’s technology and increasing computer literacy, daily and physical activity may be forgotten. Therefore involving yourself in sports helps improve fitness levels increasing the chance for a healthier adult life.


young athlete triathlon in front of a sunriseAlso when one feels that they are improving in their sport then they will have feelings of accomplishment. This gives one an opportunity to build self-esteem. Sports play a very important role in building confidence and self-esteem. You can’t physically play sports without having some sort of confidence. In order to believe in yourself, confidence is needed, which will not just benefit you in sports but it will help you in life. When one plays competitively, you have to have confidence. When you hear supporters on the side-lines cheering for you, an athlete may experience a feeling of happiness that increases one’s poise and often one’s performance. Goal, basket, home run, world record will not only bring much joy to yourself and your team but also the feeling of self-achievement.


Playing sports encourages goal setting and leadership. Children today may not concentrate on their future as much and participation in sports is a fun and practical was to learn about goal setting. Also leadership is very important in sports. This lesson is taught by two people in a team, the coach and captain. These two people can inspire you to want to become a leader and teach leadership skills. A good and inspirational coach or captain could change the way you think; you may aspire to become a leader in sports or another job- rather than maybe playing the sport itself.

Time Management SkillsYoung Boys And Girls In Football Team  With Coach

Whilst doing any extra-curricular activities, you need to learn how to manage your time, especially if you’re a teenager who is in school or in university. Student athletes need to learn how to manage and maximize their time; making sure that they have enough time to study and train. This life skill can also benefit adults also; they may need to take their children to the sporting events or training. They need to know how long they will have at work or what time they need to wake up in order to start work early in order to finish on time before taking their child somewhere. This skill is very important and is one that can be used in your everyday life, even if or when you finish sports.

Therefore, in conclusion, sports are very useful in general: from keeping fit to learning how to manage your time.

So are you going to take up the idea of participating in more sports?

Or will you persuade a friend that you think will enjoy it?


~ Zoe Thompson joined ACD in 2014.  She currently competes as an under 17 athlete in Heptathlon, 300m, and triple jump.