Reflections on my 4 years with ACD

By Aminata Vandy

London, 17 September 2013 : As I reflect over the last four years, all I can say is ACD helped build my character. Being part of the scheme is like having a second family, where Brenda, the chief executive, is your mother and the students and mentors are your brothers and sisters.

Your family’s job  is to be your backbone, to help you and guide you through life. This is exactly what ACD is about.

There is a world out there where many people like myself are not exposed to – a world of success, where failure is not an option. ACD takes young African and Caribbean students from state schools and allows them to experience this world, encouraging us to work hard and become a part of these communities.

Through the help of AD, I have been educated and taught so much about who I am, my history and culture as a person of colour in Great Britain and the world, and about my personality.

It means a lot to have that extra support and help from people who genuinely care about your goals.

With the help of ACD, I have been privileged enough to be part of internships at Citigroup and work experiences at WithersLLP just to name a few.

I am currently studying A-Levels and because of the support from ACD, I can say I’m aiming to attend some of the best Universities not only in the UK, but also abroad.

The life lessons and experiences that ACD shows helps build the characters of amazing people.

And I am very grateful to be a part of it all.