[quote_box_left]”Someone once took a chance on me and gave me a helping hand, I would like to pay some of that back.”

~ Paul Chapman, Barclays Capital  [/quote_box_left]

[quote_box_right]”ACD helped me realise that even though people may put me down I can and will be something great.

~ Siobhan, ACD Student 2014 [/quote_box_right]






[quote_center]”I would like to be able to help a student to make a more informed choice about their career options and to motivate them to reach their own goals, whether career focused or personal.”

~ Sarah Twite, Clifford Chance Diversity Manager[/quote_center]


[quote_box_left]“The Citi Roots Internship programme which ACD is a benefactor of, is helping to build up an excellent pipeline of ethnic minority talent into Banking.”

 ~ Amir Mushtaq Karimi – Managing Director, Citigroup[/quote_box_left]

[quote_box_right]“ACD, has been a blessing to my family, I do hope more families can key in into this wonderful and laudable programme. My two sons attended the programmes and I thank Brenda for given them the opportunity to see how the other side of the world are like. Keep up the good work we are solidly behind you.”

 ~ Ken Abiodun, parent of Olaoluwa Abiodun, ACD 2009[/quote_box_right]











All I can say is ACD helped build my character. Being part of the scheme is like having a second family, where Brenda, the chief executive, is your mother and the students and mentors are your brothers and sisters. Your family’s job is to be your backbone, to help you and guide you through life. This is exactly what ACD is about

~Amanita Vandy, ACD Student 2009



[quote_box_left]“ACD has greatly strengthened my character, by boosting my self-confidence/ public speaking skills, but also laying the foundations of my adopted work ethic over the past few years, and for that I am grateful.”

~ Dylan Carty joined ACD in 2011 from Chiswick Community School. He was awarded ACD’s prize for top GCSE results by a male in 2013. He hopes to one day become a lawyer.[/quote_box_left]

[quote_box_right]“I am very grateful to ACD for the work which they have done and continue to do with my son.  As a parent of a young black boy, in the prevailing climate, I worry, continuously, about him. It has been and continues to be re-assuring that ACD are encouraging and supporting him and exposing him to very positive opportunities” .

~Shelia Whiteman, mother of Michael White, ACD 2010[/quote_box_right]