Michael Acheampong


Michael joined the ACD programme in 2010.

[quote_box_left]”ACD has helped mould me into to a striving young black male with high future career aspirations and not be content with a basic everyday job.”[/quote_box_left]






Michael has aspirations to work within the financial sector. He is particularly interested in the role of statistics in banks and how analysing data influences the buying and selling of stocks and shares.


“ACD encourages it’s students to aim high.”

Michael is currently studying Economics at the University of Essex as an undergraduate. He aims to use his degree in economics as a way of reaching his career aspirations in the financial sector.

He believes that ACD has helped him gain the confidence and momentum to succeed.

[quote_box_left]”The ACD programme is a very beneficial and worthwhile programme for young afro-carribean students who may not be recognised for their potential and academic talents.”[/quote_box_left]






Michael is keen to make the most of the opportunities that ACD has provided for him.

“Why not be the best when you’ve been given the right opportunities to do so?”