Layo Olayiwola

Layo Olayiwola, ACD 2007

Layo Olayiwola is currently a final year student at New York University. She joined ACD in 2007 and had many fantastic experiences throughout the programme, ranging from working closely on projects with ACD’s Chief Executive Brenda King, to interning at Citi and to visiting the European Parliament in Brussels in 2010.

[pull_quote_left]“ACDiversity is a phenomenal programme that offers unique opportunities to its participants. ACD has been a sort of surrogate parent, providing valuable advice, mentorship and experiences that have defined my interests, personality and career direction. My involvement with ACD has been overwhelmingly positive.”[/pull_quote_left]











Layo has a deep passion for the arts, and dreams of opening an experimental gallery for young artists of African and Caribbean descent living and working in London.

[pull_quote_left]“I encourage students to make the most of their time with ACD; the program truly is a gift that keeps giving.”[/pull_quote_left]