Enyo Demanya

Enyo Demanya, ACD 2010

Enyo Demanya, ACD 2010

Enyo joined  ACD in 2010, while attending Parliament Hill Secondary School  and then LASWAP Sixth Form Consortium.

Enyo says,  the activities and discussions ACD arranged in the week-long stay in Cambridge taught her about taking responsibility for her actions and working towards her dreams with each choice she made.

She has spent time volunteering in charity shops, as well as in school and in her local library. In particular, she has a passion for helping dyslexic children love books and experience the joy and benefits of reading.

Enyo also has a long-term goal to develop a mentoring society and recreational centre based on her experiences of the power of mentorship, both as a mentor and a mentee, in creating confidence, inspiration and resilience in other individuals.

Currently, Enyo is living in Ghana enjoying another culture and improving her language skills. She is interning at a Ghanaian Accountant/Audit firm until August 2015, while she hopes to get admission to Ashesi University  to pursue a Business Administration degree.


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