Elsie Cullen

Elsie Cullen, ACD 2009

Elsie Cullen, ACD 2009

Elsie came to ACD in 2009 from St. Saviour’s & St. Olave’s School passionate about life and especially dancing. She danced throughout her secondary education, performing twice at Sadler’s Wells, the world’s No.1 venue dedicated to international dance, as well as The Royal Opera House and other venues across London. Every dance opportunity has been an experience that Elsie is very grateful for. 

Still very academically minded on top of her extracurricular activities, Elsie studied Art and Sociology, Economics and Physics in college. Elsie finished her A-Levels desperately seeking a gap year to pursue her own interests and travel abroad.  In 2013, Elsie spent five months in India studying traditional Indian Medicine – Ayurveda and Indian Classical Music and Dance Styles on top of enrolling in Meditation and Yoga courses. Elsie has said that is was a “very good learning and growing experience.”

As of 2014,  Elsie has returned to the UK,  “ready to be useful.” She plans to develop her core skills in architecture in the near future.


Quotes from Elsie:

[pull_quote_right]I’ve learned anything you want to do in the future, start working towards it, appropriately, now[/pull_quote_right]

[pull_quote_left]I‘ve learned not to judge the path of others as everyone will beautifully aspire to reach their best either in this life or the next[/pull_quote_left]

                                        [pull_quote_right]I’ve learned to give and receive all in love and peace[/pull_quote_right]