Ayuub Osman

Ayuub Osman, ACD 2009

Ayuub Osman, ACD 2009


Ayuub Osman was born to Somali parents and raised in the Netherlands. He came to London in 2004 and joined African & Caribbean Diversity’s Mentoring and Enrichment Programme in 2009. He worked hard and achieved exceptional GCSE results, continuing that success into his A-Levels earning 2 A*s and an A.

He is currently taking a gap year preparing to study medicine at the University of Nottingham, the University of Exeter College, the University of Leeds, or the University of Leicester.

Ayuub loves to volunteer his time working with families who have young children. He is also working towards his blackbelt in Taekwondo. Apart from his academic and community interests, Ayuub loves to travel. He recently came back from Abu Dhabi where he completed a work experience placement at a local hospital. He really enjoys expeditions and as of 2013, he has been on five.

For the future, Ayuub hopes to improve his Dutch and Somali, do some more work experience, and finance another expedition by the end of the year!