By : Ore Ajala

London, 18th June 2015

Lately, everything I do seems to be for the sake of my education and career. Whether it is revising for exams or researching sixth form /college, I have invested a decent amount of time into my education and my educational futures. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Preparing for your future gives you a better chance at success. However, I find myself asking, ‘what am I doing for me?’ When do I spend time being productive on something other than my studies? What would I even do?

I have realised that our future is not dependent solely on our education; there are other essential tools that can help us build a future such as presentation of yourself, being aware of the world around you and having skills aside the ones learnt in schools. Developing skills beyond the class is very beneficial. You can discover a passion for something you never tried before, improve your ability in this activity becoming a participant in something great. Not only that, by developing other non-academic skills, you may find something that you love to do that will build your overall skill set.

[pull_quote_left]Our future is not dependent solely on our education[/pull_quote_left]

Even more, take a break! It is not necessary to spend every waking hour working away, trying to lengthen the list of things to put on your CV. Search for the mutual ground so that you aren’t wasting time. Read a book, get some fresh air, or even take a nap. Breaks are required to keep us from overloading; they keep us mentally stable.

Find a balance between the productive life and the fun life. Do not lose yourself trying to present yourself as someone better than you actually are to somebody who you don’t even know. Find that person that loves to dance, draw, and solve problems, whatever it may be. Find what it is makes you unique. Remember to:

Live every moment

Laugh every day and

Love beyond words.