ACD students are going against the trend of university dropout rates for black students in the UK

5th March 2014, London: African & Caribbean Diversity’ s Mentoring and Enrichment Programme has been featured in The Voice Online as a success story against troubling university dropout rates for African & Caribbean students in the UK.

According to the 2013 Equality in Higher Education Statistical Report from the Equality Challenge Unit, of all the full-time students who started university degrees in 2010/11, 11.2 per cent of all dropouts were black.

However, ACD students tend not to fall into these statistics. Since the programme began in 2003, 95 per cent of ACD students have continued onto post-16 education with 71 per cent of ACD students entering university, and 27 per cent attending the top 24 universities in the UK.

ACDiversity’s Chief Executive, Brenda King, told The Voice Online: “More should be done to prepare lecturers, so they are more welcoming and more sensitive to different cultures and dealing with a diverse group of young people, which could have an impact.”

Read the full story here: ‘Worryingly high’ dropout rates for black uni students


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