ACD Students travelled to Brussels, Belgium from 31st March – 1st April 2015 to discover what is this thing called the European Union. What did they find out?


IMG_20150331_123150[pull_quote_left] “I found out loads of information that familiarized my knowledge on what the European Union does and its strengths and weaknesses not just to the 28 countries, but to the UK itself.”[/pull_quote_left]


~ Tia Jerimiah-Green is a Year 12 student at Royal Hospital School.



IMG_20150331_123458[pull_quote_right]”My particular favourite was the trip to the Economic and Social Committee. We had the chance to sit in on a discussion regarding family business, and heard different views from a section of the EESC which focuses on the single market. We were also able to see how people sat in booths and translated what members were saying into the 24 official languages of the EU simultaneously!” [/pull_quote_right]











~ Elizabeth John, ACD 2014 Sixth Form Student  

[pull_quote_left] “The activity where we went to a bar and the members of the ACD Diaspora Young Profesionals Network were giving us advice, which I found very useful and inspiring”[/pull_quote_left]





~Jubrile Belo-Osagie, ACD 2014 Sixth Form Student

[pull_quote_right]”What really stands out for me is when we went to the European Parliament and had a question and answer session with Jean Lambert. We were able to receive first hand information on the way in which the EU is actually run. Moreover, the fact that she wasn’t afraid to answer personal questions about her social life and the political status of her party. Another experience which I thoroughly enjoyed was the session with Slaughter and May. IT really helped me in terms of the connection between law and the EU. It allowed me to open myself up to various different pathways in terms of studying/working in an EU country and the opportunity to get into the Erasmus programme” [/pull_quote_right]

















~ Faizah Muhammad, ACD 2013 Student


[pull_quote_left] “What I especially enjoyed was the visit to the UK representation to the EU. This was because it gave me a thorough understanding and a deeper insight into the function and decision-making process of the EU.” [/pull_quote_left]IMG_20150331_142906







~ Essa Sulaiman is a Year 12 student at Queens Park Community School


IMG_20150331_180848[pull_quote_right] “The highlight of the trip for me was meeting new people. Also, learning about other people of the same origin as me and how they relocated [to Brussels]. Their stories were inspiring.” [/pull_quote_right]






~ Sophia Enyi, ACD 2013 Student



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