Immigration Stimulates the Economy

 20th November 2014: 

ACD’s Chief Executive Brenda King was featured in the 19th November edition of Austrian daily KURIER highlighting the significant role migrant entrepreneurs play in stimulating European economies.

Speaking at the 7th Annual Diversity Media Week, Migration & Cities and Ethnic Economies conference on 16th October 2014, Ms King said,

“EU member states should recognise and promote entrepreneurial efforts of migrants as part of their integration strategy and ease the procedural and legal framework for them to start new businesses.”

In the UK, France, Belgium, Denmark, and Sweden, migrants comprise of a higher proportion of entrepreneurs compared to the native population. In the UK, migrant entrepreneurs contribute on average £25 billion to the economy every year.

The 2014 Diversity Media Week conference focused on the six core areas of diversity (age, gender, people with disability, sexual orientation, ethnic affiliation, belief) in the Austrian and European media institutions.

The two days conference also discussed topics such as diversity in the media, training of journalists and the EU’s role in the promotion of media diversity and inclusion, media and business.

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