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They’re actually gearing up to challenge exams, which are like dragons right?


Exam season is upon us, which means revision, revision, revision! ACD students spent Saturday, 2nd May with the one and only ACD Alumnus Pelagia Nyamayaro learning tips and getting pumped up to conquer their next academic challenge. Check out the action plans students are putting in place to prepare for these crucial tests.

Antonio Phillip, ACD 2014

Antonio Phillip, ACD 2014

Revision timetables are important as they help you plan which subjects you should focus on depending on which exam is earlier or which subject you need to spend more time revising.



Adora Dada, Year 10 Student

It’s a sacrifice, but signing off of social media for a few weeks/months can help you stay focus! Youtube will always before once exams are finished 🙂


Fara Sunmola, ACD 2014

Fara Sunmola, ACD 2014

Get rid of distractions! Find a place where you can absorb and retain information the best – the dining room table, your bedroom, a coffee shop, a library – find your niche!


DeVanté Hudson, ACD 2014

DeVanté Hudson, ACD 2014

You can do it!



Alexia Agbaje, ACD 2014

Friends can be a useful resource for studying as long as the time you spend with your friends is productive. If you find yourself being distracted by your peers, arrange to hang with them after you’ve revised or as a welcome break from revising.


Kelechi Nze, ACD 2014

Kelechi Nze, ACD 2014

All of these tips will help you build academic discipline to help you conquer future tests and assignments. Go #SlaytheDragon ACDers!

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ACD Students spend the day at Microsoft 

Reading, 5th March 2015:

It was an unusually bright and sunny day as 5  bleary-eyed ACD 2014 students met at Paddington Station to take 7.36 train from London to Reading for Microsoft’s 2nd Annual BAME Student day.

Receiving their name badges were a definite highlight as student Naomi asked earnestly , “do we get to keep them?” The morning was getting introduced to Microsoft. Students received information on getting into programme management, designing apps as well as the skills needed to market. The afternoon was spent brainstorming “super app” ideas, designing said app and then presenting their idea to a panel of 4 Microsoft employees/judges.

While ACD students didn’t take home the top prize, they were filled with earnest to return next year to conquer the top prize!

Thanks to the BAME Employee Resource Group for organising such a fun-filled and informative day!


Read some of our students thoughts of the day below:


Tobi Akinrinlade, ACD 2014


Today, I went to the Microsoft Headquarters in Reading. I enjoyed the whole experience especiallythe tour around teh headquarters. The fact that amongst hard work there were also casual areas made me realise that hard work truly pays off!

I also enjoyed the “make a new app” exercise. This helped with my personal interest in marketing. Unfortunately we didn’t win the competition, however, I know we did our best and to be fair, the winning team deserved it.

Overall, I enjoyed the day and I hope we can have other opportunitis like this in the future!

To finish,  I would just like to extend my thanks to ACD for bringing us and walking trips like this possible.


Ore Picture

Ore Ajala, ACD 2014


Today at Microsoft we had a talk from Tim Cozze You, an enterprise marketing manager at Microsoft. His main message about marketing was to be curious, interested and interesting!

I enjoyed his presentation as it was interactive and specific and relative to me as a consumer of technology.

Today has taught me to find my passion  and follow it!




Ayoub Nadri, ACD 2014


The whole trip was worthwhile and enjoyable. The experience opened up opportunities and give you a fresh insight on technology corporations like Microsoft.

I learnt that to be part of something technology wise, you don’t actually have to do anything in tech!






Naomi James

Naomi James


I enjoyed listening to the various employees talking about their roles at Microsoft. I also enjoyed giving ideas for the app because it was a challenge. I enjoyed the tour of all the building and seeing the several sitting areas around the site.

Most of all, I enjoyed getting my Microsoft card with my name on it!

I’m going to consider the internships they offer when I go to university or when I am older.


Kwabena Bonsu-Ankobia, ACD 2014


Microsoft  has a very nice building in Reading and a lot of other companies are building outside of London. Although the founder of Microsoft is one of the world’s richest men, his company are still in search of new ideas. They constantly bring in young innovative adults who have a passion for computing and treat them very well, with perks such as playing the Xbox during breaks. They also give them the  opportunity to bring something new to the market.

All, in  all, Microsoft is an awesome company and I will probably go back next year for a work experience.


You can view pictures of our day here – Microsoft BAME Student Day